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Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades – Relaxed, Hobbled, Flat & More

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Roman Shades

Blackout Roman Shades, Campbell CA

Roman-style window coverings are some of the most elegant types of shades out there. And some of the most diverse too. Installing Roman shades in your Campbell house takes a real eye for interior decoration and a sense of where classy turns to ostentatious. Our team of expert designers and decorators here at Campbell Window Shade have a tremendous range of options to offer you. We’ll help you design your perfect custom set of Roman shades, and then we’ll return to install them for you too!

What Are Roman Shades?

Instead of rolling up around a spindle or being attached to a frame, these shades have a complicated internal cord system. When you pull your Roman shades up, the cloth ripples into a stack of sensuous pleats. Opened all the way, the shades are stacked into a dense, scalloping decoration that lines the top of your windowpane. Since these treatments always need a little space at the top to fold up over, they work best for tall windows with plenty of room. As well as tall windows, Roman shades on French doors make a well-fitted covering that matches the doorway’s old-world elegance.

Best Custom Roman Shades In Campbell

Campbell Window Shade specializes in custom-designed window treatments, each set made for one particular home or business owner like you. There are plenty of styles to choose from when it comes to these shades. Size and color are just a few of the choices you get to make! You can opt for hand-drawn cords for tradition’s sake, or choose motorized Roman shades with child-safe remote controls or sensors. Embellish your Roman shades with curtains, valences, or other extra window treatments. The choices are almost endless!

Plenty Of Styles To Choose From

Almost any color and fabric type can work for Roman shades. It all depends on the room you’re making them for, and the other features that they’ll go with. Gray Roman shades go with most color schemes and make a relaxing, nondistracting background. For windows that you want attention called to, go with brighter colors, or some embroidered patterns. “Relaxed” Roman shades curve downward in their middles, for a naturalistic leaflike shape covering the window. Add slits, tails, or lace to your pleated edges, and the design becomes that much more intricate. Ask our consultants as many questions as you want about how best to decorate each room and window.

Roman Coverings For Home Windows And Doorways

Almost any room can use these ornate shades, provided they contain a tall enough window or doorway. Kitchen Roman shades should create a relaxed, perhaps indulgent, atmosphere, and provide a good contrast to the wall and furniture colors. Roman shades for bathrooms work best in gray, white, or black. For bedrooms or living rooms, try a dark, soothing color like navy blue or dark purple. French doors and other entrances might go well with dark gold, beige, or tan, perhaps with some ruffled trim. Mostly, it comes down to your house, and your specific taste and preferences.

Get Free Estimates On Roman Shades – Motorized or Cordless

With the advent of motorized window treatments, Roman shades can also enjoy remote control with Wi-Fi, smartphones and even Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. Motorized Roman shades can bring style to any room, while also allowing for fast and easy operation via various types of remotes. Get your free estimate on any type of Roman shades or other blinds you like by scheduling a no-obligation consultation appointment! We’ll send our Roman shade experts to your Campbell address (or anywhere nearby in the San Francisco bay area!). You’ll get all the info you need, in the comfort of your home or office.


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